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He's so vain

James Bain is the assistant general manager for the Wichita Wild, which makes him the guy behind guy. He likes to go by James "You're So" Bain, but we prefer "Jammin' James." While he is a little preoccupied with his hair, James is one of the reasons the organization is much more professional this season. He even produced a media guide, and I can't remember a Wichita indoor team having one of those since the Af2 days. A Q and A with James follows:

KL: Give us a little information about you, Jammin' James. Where are you from?James: Besides about 5 1/2 years in Minnesota (college and jobs), I have lived in South Dakota. I moved to Wichita last August and I feel like I haven't got a good haircut since I moved here. It can't be that difficult to get a stylish do. By the way, I like the nickname JB way better than Jammin' James.

KL: OK, keeping the topic centered on you, what do you think is the best story I have written this season?James: I think the story about our victory over Abilene. Up to that point you had not seen us win...…EVER. I was beginning to investigate how I could take the newspaper industry down even further, just to get rid of you. You missed our first victory this season and both wins last year were on the road. It was a monumental occasion for you. Things went really well that night. Quincy Carter got dominated by our defense, big crowd, AC in the Arena worked, the Wild won. I think that was the happiest I have seen our fans this season. They had a great time that night.

KL: There is another Wild in the IFL – the Alaska Wild. Do you ever get confused, hop in your car in the morning and drive to Anchorage for work?James: The only time that the Alaska Wild (0-9 record) thing bothers me is when I read headlines of Anchorage newspaper articles that read something like "Wild remain winless" or "Hapless Wild Lose Again." I want people to know that we are the furthest thing from hapless.

KL: OK, moving on to football matters. A big game for the Wild this week. I would guess Vegas, if it listed IFL odds, would have the Wild as 7.5 underdogs in this one. What do you think?James: You know gambling is my only vice, right? I hit a big Daily Double on Preakness Stakes Day. I'm still pumped about that; 7 1/2 point underdogs? I would bet the farm on the Wild and take the points. Give me Wichita with the points and I will parlay that with the Royals losing and make some serious coin. We have lost four games by a combined 15 points this season and we are 3-1 at home.

KL: Omaha QB James McNear doesn't make many mistakes. I think Justin Montgomery needs to get in his face a few times for the Wild to win. Agree?James: Yeah, Justin has been a Manimal this season and leads the team with five sacks. It is going to take a team effort to beat Omaha. But our backs are against the wall and we are back home where we love playing in front of The Best Fans in the IFL at Hartman Arena.

KL: Finish the sentence. In order for Wichita to win, the Wild must ...James: In a lame John Madden impression, I would say we have to score more points than Omaha in order to win. BOOM! We have to have consistent play from the QB position. We have the league's leading receiver and the league's leading running back. QB play is critical in this league.

KL: Lamont Reid has been a stud all season. What do you like most about his game?James: I like his versatility. He can play defensive end or the linebacker position with success at each. I think our defense has been the secret to our success this season. Even though we have a great offense, our defense has kept us in many games when we ran into offensive problems.

KL: Can you do me a personal favor and kick the AC on for Saturday's game. It was so hot last home game I had a case of the back sweats.James: Well I had face and head sweat. You can hide a wet back, but there is no way to hide a red face with sweat dripping down. I think we got the message about the AC and I am certain the issues have been taken care of.

KL: The Wild is using Myspace for a promotion. I am a Facebook guy myself.James: My goal is to be the last person on earth without Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. I can't understand this Twitter thing. Why is it so popular all of a sudden? I happen to think Twitter is a complete waste of time.

KL: Which do you prefer: The hilarious David Letterman or lame-as-can-be Conan O'Brien?James: Is neither an option? I did see the first Tonight Show with Conan and I don't think I laughed at all. If there was a channel that showed just American Idol, TMZ, and Big Brother, I would be in heaven. What about Real World/Road Rules Challenge? Love that show too.