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This just in

We do indeed get a raft of press releases via e-mail here at the Eagleland Businessplex.

But few that catch my attention as much as this one:


Thanks a bunch. Rarely do PR folks begin their releases with such a homespun greeting. Smashing.

Ever driven over 600,000 potholes–on purpose? We have.

Well, I sure have driven over 600,000 potholes. I live in Harvey County. And I use West Street a lot. But on purpose? Nah.

The Nissan Altima must withstand more than 5,000 quality and durability tests to ensure it will deliver years of performance.

Outstanding. The 2000 Chevy Blazer I had sure wouldn’t survive one, let alone thousands. But it provided days of performance - before it broke down again.

It also has to be fuel efficient, getting 32 hwy mpg, and of course, it must be fun to drive.

Well, if it wasn’t fun to drive, it’d be a Mini Cooper scooting me on my wallet down Kellogg. Who’d buy it?

On top of that, it’s won a Consumers Digest Best Buy Award.

Dandy. We finally make it to the content of the press release.

Take a closer look at the Altima at your Nissan Dealer.

Good idea. Anyone got Dawson Grimsley’s phone number?