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Clark's Fine Jewelry building is for sale; business will remain open

Gary Clark is trying to sell the building that houses his Clark’s Fine Jewelry at 21st and Rock, but his business will remain open.

“We are not going out of business,” an emphatic Clark says.

In early May, Clark filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with $1,590,894 in assets and $1,037,437 in liabilities.

“Everything’s going along just exactly the way it’s supposed to when you reorganize,” Clark says.

His 3,050-square-foot space is listed for $1.65 million.

“I have five offers,” Clark says. “I would not accept any of them that have been made so far.”

He says he does not have to sell, but he’d like to either buy or lease less expensive space somewhere else on the east side.

“We are not trying to do anything but cut expenses,” Clark says.

“I have no desire to quit the jewelry business,” he says. “You meet the happiest, nicest people in the jewelry business. . . . It just makes your heart delight.”