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Bike Across Kansas

Tough day at the office! I spent the morning shooting for a story on Bike Across Kansas. These folks ride from Colorado to Missouri riding about 70 miles each day. I have a couple of friends that are riding BAK right now. Dennis Hardin, a co-worker of mine, is one of them. He rides his bicycle to work on most nice days and he does not live real close to the newspaper. Dennis has been my source of information about the BAK event. Today he got a bit wet as the weather was soggy. Dennis HardinMy other friend at BAK, Nikki Moddelmog, was spotted on the road too. She was riding with Marlys Gwaltney and despite the rain they were smiling as I photographed them as they passed by. I even got a peace sign from Nikki as she passed me! Nikki and Marlys    I like assignments like BAK, it gets me out of the city and that is good in my world. I only got to spend a day at BAK, but I can see why these participants like to take a week and peddle across the state. I have never photographed BAK and I am glad I did, thanks Dennis for the information.