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Palin upstaged Gingrich's message

Newt Gingrich gave a meaty defense of conservative principles during his keynote address at the GOP congressional fundraiser Monday, but he was upstaged by the circus over whether Sarah Palin was or wasn't coming to the dinner, reported Dan Balz of the Washington Post. Gingrich tried to "bridge the differences between those Republicans who prefer a smaller, purer, more conservative party and those who say the party’s only hope is to expand its appeal and attract moderates and independents," Balz wrote. "Gingrich called (for) both an adherence to conservative values and for the party to be inclusive, saying that any party that aspires to be a majority party should expect vigorous debate and disagreement." But rather than getting this strong message out, Balz wrote, "the GOP allowed lowbrow chatter about Palin's attendance rather than something more substantive to dominate the day."