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Wichita, southern Kansas in heart of moderate risk today

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., has upgraded the severe storms risk to “moderate” for a large segment of southern and eastern Kansas, including the Wichita metropolitan area.

The outlook warns that conditions are ripe to produce “potentially long-track supercells capable of producing a strong tornado or two later today” in southern Kansas.

“It is too early to predict exactly where greatest tornado potential will evolve,” the outlook states, but early indications point toward the Kansas/Oklahoma border - or points slightly north of there.

Which would put it awfully close to Wichita.

The moderate risk zone stretches from about Manhattan along I-70 to perhaps Ponca City south of the state line, and from Greensburg on the west to the Missouri border.

Stay tuned to forecasts, and make sure your storm shelter is ready for use.