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Fairfield Inn and Suites coming to Maize

WICHITA — Though there’s been no outward signs of progress, a Marriott-flag hotel is still coming to 37th and Maize.

“It’s definitely coming,” says owner Lindsay Olsen of Prairie Village. “Marriott has approved us for an 84-room Fairfield Inn and Suites.”

In November, Have You Heard? first reported a Marriott-flag hotel would be coming to the Wyn-Wood commercial development where Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, City Hall and the Maize Dialysis Center already are located and where Barn’rds has plans to locate.

But there have been no signs of it since.

“We are working on it,” Olsen says. “It’s just not stuff you see by looking at the lot.”

Olsen won’t share a timetable for development, but he says, “It’s a good brand for the Maize market.”