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Wichita Aero Club trophy unveiled

The aviation industry has several coveted trophies, such as the Collier trophy and the Wright Brothers trophy.

Wichita now has its own.

Each year, the newly formed Wichita Aero Club will recognize a person who has made key contributions to the aviation industry over the previous year or over a lifetime.

This year, the trophy was unveiled at the group’s Black Tie dinner on Saturday.

Wichita artist Chris Brunner created the award, using steel to represent materials used in aircraft manufacturing and the ancient form of a pyramid to represent the heavens and sky. It also includes contrails and an airplane.

“It’s a beautiful representation of aviation,” said Wichita Aero Club executive director Dave Franson at the unveiling.

Its size may make it difficult to transport, however, Franson said.

“Wait until the winner has to take it home in his car,” he quipped.

He’s joking. Each winner will receive a desktop-size model.