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Comic to live on an AirTran plane for a month

Comedy Central comic Mark Malkoff boarded an AirTran Airways flight Monday, but he won’t be getting off the plane for a month.

Malkoff, 33, is flying where ever the Boeing jetliner goes and spending each night on the plane.  It’s a video project designed to help him overcome his fear of flying, he said.

He’s been averaging five flights a day.

Malkoff reports that he is getting used to washing his hair in the teensy bathroom sink. The passengers have been great. Some are bringing him food. One gave him some shaving cream. And he’s discovered he fits in the overhead bin and can sleep there.

He’s using AirTran’s Wi-Fi in-flight Internet service to blog and Tweet about his experience. In today’s Tweet, he said for exercise he was going to see whether he can bench press the beverage cart.

I sent Malkoff an e-mail today asking whether his plane might come to Wichita on AirTran’s scheduled service from here to Atlanta. So far, I haven’t heard back.

Maybe because his blog says that today he’s heading to San Diego, then back to Atlanta where he’ll be having an anniversary dinner with his wife on the wing of the airplane (hopefully one that’s not moving).

It’s not the first time Malkoff has engaged in an unusual video project. In 2007, he visited all 171 Starbucks stores in Manhattan and produced a video from his experience.