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Fair Fares program comes under attack

WICHITA — The Fair Fares program that has helped lower airfares in Wichita came under attack several times in this year's Legislative session, and the program is likely to face opposition next year, too.

"Now they're just trying to protect what they've got," says Rep. Scott Schwab, R-Olathe, who is opposed to the program. "They're going to find it hard-pressed to get it renewed."

Schwab was one of the legislators who spoke against Fair Fares, which he doesn't believe is working the way its supporters say it is.

Rep. Jason Watkins, R-Wichita, a strong supporter of Fair Fares, says Schwab "looked pretty foolish in the process."

"It was easy to go down and say, 'OK, well, you've obviously not been to the airport, you've obviously not checked with . . . the Department of Revenue.’ "