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Cessna layoffs touch so many

The new round of layoffs announced at Cessna today continues the pain that thousands of employees in Wichita’s aviation industry have experienced.

No one could predict how fast and how far the aviation industry has fallen since the fall.

One recent caller told me that four people in her family have lost their jobs. I know husbands and wives who are both losing jobs. I have several friends and a close family member who have been laid off.

Someday, the aviation industry will come back.

“We do not have the ability to see the future; we can only see today and try to predict the future,” Cessna CEO and president Jack Pelton told employees today in his memo. “What I see today are proud men and women giving their all in the face of great adversity, working as a team to meet these challenges head on.”

My heart goes out to employees and their families.