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Quarter for your thoughts?

Sometimes, en route to the real story, you run across interesting tidbits about people.

Take Georgia Abrams, for example. She’s an intern with GreenTown in Greensburg and has been attending Indiana State, but is transferring to Kansas State University this fall.

Georgia, who is staying in the basement of the Methodist Church with our group, is back for her third stint in Greensburg. She loves it here, she says.

Georgia has a lot of attributes. But the one that caught reporter Sarah Garia’s attention: She can put a quarter in her bellybutton. (Don’t try this at home.)

Sarah wanted to get a photo of her formerly hidden talent. A Georgia state quarter would have been perfect. We looked in our pockets and purses. We came up with quarters from New Mexico, Minnesota, Arizona, Maryland and several other states. But wouldn’t you know: not a Georgia quarter to be found in the building.It’s not a requirement for interns at GreenTown, but Georgia Abrams can hold a quarter in her bellybutton.