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Shock, condemnation only appropriate responses to Tiller murder

Tiller ShootingWhatever one thinks of what George Tiller did for a living, and for the thousands of women who visited his East Kellogg clinic over the decades, the only appropriate response to his murder Sunday was shock, followed by condemnation, our editorial today argues.

The overwhelming majority of those who consider themselves pro-life in the community and country do not advocate or condone the killing of abortion providers. Several local and national pro-life groups responded to the murder with unequivocal condemnation.

Still, sadly, it won't be surprising if the searing heat of the debate, and the extreme name-calling directed by some toward Tiller, once again motivated someone to think such an act of violence was justifiable.

It can be hoped that in dealing with the horror of Tiller's murder, people will pause to consider what the abortion wars have wrought, and whether there might be a better way.