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Morning coffee at Haviland Hardware

Vic Hannan, the owner, was on vacation in New Jersey, but the coffee crowd still showed up last week at Haviland Hardware. And, for the most part, they were happy without Vic around — until the store ran out of biscuits and gravy mid-week.

Bill Johnson, the ever-present volunteer, is still helping in the Greensburg area. He’s staying in Haviland at a rental house he remodeled between mission trips with the United Methodist Church. Like Bill says, they’ll even let a Lutheran go along.

Bill recently returned from a mission trip to Nebraska, and in mid June he and the Methodist work team will go to an Indian reservation in South Dakota to work. He says volunteering keeps him going.

For the rest of the coffee drinkers, it was another morning before work, or whatever they had planned for the day. All the regulars, however, will be ready for Vic when he returns from vacation. He’ll hear plenty about the store running out of biscuits and gravy.