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What Kassebaum, Sebelius have in common

kassebaumTwo Kansans were among the "top five political daughters with the most influence" on the Stimulist Web site. Second on the list was former Kansas Sen. Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker (in photo), whose dad was former Kansas governor and 1936 GOP presidential nominee Alf Landon. "The second-longest serving woman senator in U.S. history, Kassebaum should be remembered by every female politician to come," blogged Carlos Watson. Third place went to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, whose father was Ohio's governor before she was Kansas' governor. Watson wrote: "Could she challenge Hillary in 2016 to become the first female president? That probably depends on her success with health care reform. If, after 60 years of failure, Sebelius can . . . lead the change that gets this health care thing to work, she might just get a shot at the big desk." The rest of the top five? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (first), the late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (fourth) and Kennedy clan member and California first lady Maria Shriver (fifth).