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Wichita State vs. Washington State

0-0 - Cooper with an extremely efficient first inning. Seven pitches.

Fantastic no-prize for the person who can name Washington State’s pitcher the last time these two met in regional play? Hint: It was 1987 and the pitcher went onto great fame as Ricky Henderson’s teammate .

Also known as, the “If only we had listened to Jim Schaus and his logo plan we wouldn’t be confused as to which WSU is which” elimination game.

Jordan Cooper vs. Chad Arnold to extend the season. No idea how this might go. Both teams spent last night thinking “We blew that game.” After watching the Shockers this season, I would say they are fragile enough mentally to struggle with the turnaround. They are looking at four straight games to advance, and I can’t say anybody believes that is possible. As we saw last night, however, with good pitching the Shockers are a different team. Cooper will give them a chance, of that I am reasonably confident.

I have no idea how the Cougars will react. They are a long way from home, making their first NCAA appearance since 1990. They don’t have much reason to believe things are going to go well, either.

The Shockers have not gone 0-2 in a regional since the 1997 team lost to North Carolina State and Alabama.