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Isn't that Jack Pelton?

jackpeltonWICHITA — Speaking of Cessna . . . .

I was dining at Chester’s Chophouse last night, and as I was walking through what seemed to be a sea of businessmen, I saw a familiar face.

As I stared like an idiot trying to figure out who it was, it finally occurred to me that it was Cessna chairman and chief executive Jack Pelton, who by now was looking at me, too. So, being the suave business reporter that I am, I immediately looked away in embarrassment and headed back to the patio.

The incident, stupid though it may have been, got me thinking. For reporters needing to track down businesspeople, Chester’s is a natural. It’s to dinner what Larkspur is to lunch: Business central.

Not that I like to accost people while they’re eating, of course. But, still, it’s handy to know.

The scallops are great, too.