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As May nears the finish line.....

…..the rainfall totals offer a surprise for Wichita.

Remember how thrilled everyone was with last week’s sunny, dry weather? People acted as if Wichita had returned to its native home after a spell in the United Kingdom or the Pacific Northwest.

Yet, even though Wednesday’s light rain and drizzle meant Wichita has recorded precipitation on 14 of the first 27 days of the month, the city is actually below normal for rainfall in May. This year’s total of 2.94 inches in May is nearly a half-inch below normal for the fifth month of the year.

How is that possible? Well, most of the rains in the Wichita area have been small ones, and they haven’t added up to as much as most folks may suspect.

Come to think of it, that rainfall pattern does mirror the Pacific Northwest or merry ol’ England.

And despite the dryer-than-average May, Wichita is still more than 5 inches above normal for this time of year, with a 2009 total rainfall of 15.60 inches.

The rest of the month doesn’t figure to add to the rainfall totals, forecasters say, but June could arrive with some thunderstorms.