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Calling all Wichita-area Tweeters

WICHITA — If you’re on Twitter, I need your help.

There are so many funny Tweeters right here in River City, I thought it would be fun to start a Tweet of the Week for my blog and column.

If you see (or, heck, if you write it yourself) a funny Tweet about a Wichita-area business or businessperson (my standards won’t be terribly stringent), please let me know. I’ll pick the best one each week to be featured.

My own Tweets won’t count, of course, but you can follow me at CarrieRengers. I just changed my handle from “Redrita.” When my colleague Denise Neil first signed me up for Twitter (I’m her least technology-hip friend), she named me for my car (who is alternately known as Rita, Red Rita and Dirty Rita). I hated to let Redrita go, but I want people to be able to find me.

Hope you’ll start sending me some funny or shocking or scintillating Tweets.