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Air taxi operator Jetpool takes delivery of Phenom 100

Jetpool, an air taxi operator in Charlotte, N.C., has taken delivery of a Brazil-built Embraer Phenom 100 four-passenger very light jet, the company said.

The air taxi operator has the ability to serve Wichita, said Air Taxi Association president Joe Leader.

The company is offering three plans. The first is a charter plan with a cost of about $2,000 a flight hour.  When shared with other colleagues, the price of a round-trip becomes comparable to an airline, the company said.

It also offers Jetpool shares,  at a cost of about $1,400 per flight hour, which gives a customer 73 days of use a year; and ownership, which costs about $1,200 an hour of flight time and is good for those who need an airplane for more than 150 flight hours a year, according to the company.