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Third Boeing refueling tanker joins Japan's active air wing

tanker-italyThe third KC-767J aerial refueling tanker built by Boeing and modified in Wichita has been put into an active air wing in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, or JASDF.

The tanker was ferried to Japan from Boeing Wichita’s modification facility.

Boeing vice president and general manager of tanker programs Dave Bowman called the achievement a historic one for the nation of Japan, which for the first time has its own aerial refueling capability.

The tanker is the third of four tankers ordered by Japan. The first two tankers were delivered in February and March of 2008.

Wichita workers are doing the final work on a fourth tanker, which is slated to be delivered to Japan in the first quarter of 2010.

Boeing also has two KC-767 tankers in flight testing for the Italian Air Force and is performing modification work on two additional tankers for Italy. The first tanker is scheduled for delivery this year

The photo shows Boeing’s tanker for Italy.