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You Ask, I Answer

Finally starting to get some comments. That’s good. Makes me feel validated. Most of them feature questions about the team, so I’m going to do my best to answer them.

(Shortstop Brenan) Herrera is leading the Team with 4 errors. What is going wrong? Are they just situational or is his head not in it?

Part of the issue with Herrera is concentration. On a play last week, he fielded a routine ground ball but didn’t make the throw in time to get the runner at first. That wasn’t an error, though. Herrera is a good defender — decent range and a decent arm. A shortstop, typically, is going to make a lot of errors, and it would be helpful to have statistics like range factor and zone rating to completely evaluate his performance. But part of making errors is having enough range to get to a ball in the hole but misplaying a ball that others couldn’t even get to. I think Herrera will be fine.

Now that Dustan Mohr seems to have his health concerns under control, what do you think the odds are he gets a call from another major league team again this year?

The odds are not horrible, but it would probably have to be a situation like what happened last season, when the Rockies had a glut of injuries at the major league level and needed minor-league depth in the outfield. At 32 (33 in June), Mohr has probably peaked. But if he keeps playing well in Wichita and gets picked up by an organization to play in Triple-A, he’d be just a phone call away from the majors and anything can happen.

If the 'Nuts decided to make a roster move who do you think would be the first player to go?

The Wingnuts certainly aren’t thinking about jettisoning anyone now that they’re off to an 8-2 start, and manager Kevin Hooper won’t have a quick trigger finger. That said, if Wichita was looking for an improvement, I would imagine it would be in the pitching staff. Not because any Wichita pitcher is performing poorly, but because there are a ton of pitchers out there and maybe one will be viewed as an upgrade. Such a move won’t come anytime soon, though. The Wingnuts’ pitchers, especially the relievers, are a major reason for the hot start.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the Wingnuts were in a tight pennant race and Hooper decided to throw the cleats back on and do a little bit of player- managing?

Yes, it would be awesome. But don’t look for that to happen, either. The only way Hooper will activate himself is if an injury, and probably multiple injuries, creates the need for an infielder. It would be good for no one, especially Herrera at shortstop, to have to look over his shoulder and wonder if the manager is going to eventually take his spot. But if the Wingnuts find a dire situation, Hooper might play.

How long do you think it will take for the Wingnuts to sell out on a regular basis?

I don’t think the goal, at this point, is to sell out every game. Of course, that would be nice but at this point it just isn’t realistic. I do believe, however, that attendance will steadily increase in the coming years and that the Wingnuts will be an economically healthy franchise. It could take a lot of time, but Wichita is in many respects a baseball city and I think the Wingnuts will continue to catch on.

Keep the questions coming. I’ll talk to you all soon.