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Already weary of Sebelius-speak

Sebelius HHSPeggy Noonan is unimpressed by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' way with words, as exhibited by our former governor when asked about health care reform on MSNBC. Noonan wrote: "Ms. Sebelius began to answer in that dead and deadening governmental language that does not reveal or clarify but instead wraps legitimate queries in clouds of words and sends them on their way. I think I heard 'accessing affordable quality health care,' 'single-payer plan vis-a-vis private multiparty insurers' and 'key component of quality improvement.' In any case, she didn't answer the question, which was a disappointment but not a surprise. No one answers the question anymore." Casting beyond Sebelius-speak, Noonan said: "Do members of the administration speak obscurely because they can't help themselves, or do they speak the way they speak because they really aren't all that keen to have people understand them? Maybe they calculate that lack of clarity ensures maximum ability to maneuver. But maybe they should think less about maneuvering. They're not helping the prevailing sense of national anxiety by speaking in a special lingo all their own."