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     Most of my co-workers that I work with at the Eagle, and about 9o percent of my photographer friends do not enjoy shooting baseball. They think it is boring. I don’t. I learned sports photography in the early 80’s, shooting Wichita State baseball in the early days of the program. I was lucky enough to get a job at the Eagle several years later and have continued to cover the Shockers throughout my career. I love shooting all sports, but baseball is my favorite. I love the game and I love photography, that makes it pretty easy to love shooting the sport.

     As I shot the Shockers celebrating their Missouri Valley Conference title on Saturday, it reminded me of how much fun this ride has been. They had a rough year, mine hasn’t been great either, but they were smiling and so was I. It was 20 years ago that I shot the photograph of the team celebrating their only national championship and I had the same feeling that day as I did on Saturday. The same feeling I have had each time I have shot the Shockers winning some tournament There have been quite a few games in those 20 years, some good, some bad, but I have really enjoyed the ride. I have missed too many games the past four years, but my daughter was playing ball and watching her career was more important. She had graduated and I am ready for some baseball.  

     It is NCAA regional time, I can’t wait! Call me crazy, I love it.