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VK Open discussion (5-24)

by joanna

It’s my mom’s birthday today. She’s not here but is coming into town tomorrow, which is when the week-long celebration will ensue.

How about our area swimmers? Heights’ Bailey Beins, who I did a Getting to Know on earlier in the season, finally got over the hump her senior year and finished a winner of two events. Too cool. Trinity’s Rebecca Swank won as well, as did Northwest’s Nikki Daniels, winning by a ridiculous two seconds!

We’ve got track regionals, folks. And we’ve got them from best time/distance on down for each class’ qualifiers in each event. It’s an amazing feat by our sports staff, kudos to my bosses, Kirk Seminoff and Tom Seals, for their efforts in this. I can’t tell you how many people hang onto this and bring it to the state meet, so enjoy it! (more…)