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MVC Tournament championship, Creighton at Wichita State

  • Brandon Koenigstein is on my all-tournament ballot. Most other spots are open.
  • Garrett Gould draft talk.
  • All season, WSU baseball has been similar to the way things unfolded for the basketball team. Circumstances forced both teams into lineups full of players new to WSU or new to the demands of playing big roles every day. Both teams struggled along for a good chunk of the season, sinking to embarrassing lows along the way. The basketball team turned things around earlier in the season and redeemed itself in the eyes of fans with a strong finish. The baseball team hasn’t finished quite as strong, but the Shockers look better over the past 10 days. Win or lose, WSU made some progress. A win helps even more. Nobody will expect the Shockers to do much in a regional, but the experience will be important.
  • CU-WSU is the best matchup from a drama standpoint. There are some negative feelings between the two teams after the past four meetings. WSU’s Ryan Jones said the Shockers wanted another shot at the Jays after Thursday’s no-hitter. They got it.
  • I’m with the people who enjoy watching the Jays play. They have a flair on defense and they make all the routine plays. They hustle and seem to do most of things the right way. I can also see where some of their attitude rubs people (and not just the Shockers) the wrong way. Love watching Vincente Carfaro play, but the fist pumps after beating out an infield hit early in a game is a bit much. It works for him, so go for it. But don’t be surprised if it bugs the other team. WSU has a long tradition of getting on other team’s nerves. For the fans tonight, that should be fun.