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House of Representatives pass funding for FAA's Next Generation Air Traffic Control System

The House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday that will fund the Federal Aviation Administration and the development of the Next Generation Air Traffic Control System, also known as NextGen.

The legislation is called the “FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009,” and is part of Congress’s multi-year reauthorization of programs and funding for the FAA.  It provides additional funding for the FAA through sources that include an increase in general aviation fuel taxes.

The National Business Aviation Association commended the action that uses the aviation fuel tax to help pay for the modernization.  General aviation opposes a plan that would implement user fees, a system that would hurt the industry, leaders say.

“Aviation plays a critical role in driving economic growth and investment across the country,” said NBAA CEO and president Ed Bolen in a statement. “GA is committed to working in partnership with the government to improve our nation’s aviation system.”