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Stewart: Put detainees in Leavenworth

stewartjon1On "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart "debated" some members of Congress opposed to the prospect of Guantanamo Bay detainees being relocated to their states.

"Not in Kansas," said a bearded Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., in a clip from a floor speech.

"OK, not Kansas," Stewart responded. “All right. All right. That's a 'no' from Kansas. That's fine. That actually makes sense. They're" — he did a puzzled pause — "tight on space."

After a few more not-in-my-state clips, Stewart noted that "the United States is really good at imprisoning people. Why can't we handle this?" and suggested Leavenworth.

To which Roberts was shown saying: "Leavenworth — where we educate, educate, all future Army officers. . . . You think Army officers want to study at Fort Leavenworth if terrorists are there? . . .  I don't think so. Not a chance."

"But that's what they're studying," Stewart said with exasperation. "They're not going to be their lab partners."