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MVC Tournament, Day Two

Reviews of the pod system continue to be mixed. Here is what we know - WSU is in the lead of its pod by virtue of Wednesday’s win over Indiana State. Should Illinois State lose at 3 p.m., the Shockers are expected to go for the kill and throw Jordan Cooper tonight in an effort to clinch the pod as soon as possible. If Illinois State beats Indiana State, the Shockers may hold Cooper because Friday’s game against the Redbirds becomes must-win no matter what happens against Creighton.

In the other pod, the picture is more slowly developing because MSU played out of pod Wednesday. MSU and Creighton are in good shape. They play Friday in what may turn out to be the crucial game in that pod.

Missouri State vs. SIU. MSU catcher Dallas Hord, hit in the face yesterday by a pitch, is out. He might return later this week, or for regional play.

Sycamore relievers tryto explain last night’s collapse against the Shockers.