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Missouri Valley Conference baseball tournament

     The Missouri Valley Conference baseball tournament starts today. This tournament brings back lots of memories for me as a photographer shooting the past tournaments. This year the tournament has changed and the teams will play in two pods and the two  teams with the best records will play for the championship on Saturday. I know why the MVC set the tournament up this way, so television can have only one championship game to televise. The old format was double elimination, which at times has caused a second championship game. This did hurt television as they usually only had one time slot for the first game. The second game would not get on the tube.

     The new format does mean that I only have to shoot one championship game, but it takes the drama out of the tournament. I just think that when television dictates the way sports are played and scheduled it is for the wrong reason. This thing should be about the teams and not how much money the MVC can make by televising a game. I suppose that it is all the same when I am shooting the winning team celebrating after the title game, pod or no pod, it is the championship game. I just remember too many game two championships that provided great emotion and great games.  The combination for me is good for good photographs. Oh well….”play ball!”