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Stop the presses! It's not raining in Wichita!

You know it’s been a wet year when a few days in a row without rainfall seems unusual.

Today marks the fourth dry day in a row in the metropolitan area - a feat that has occurred only two other times in the city since March 20. Until this patch of calm weather arrived, it had rained on 10 of the first 15 days in May.

And 16 of the 30 days in April.

And 7 of the last 12 days of March.

That adds up to 33 of the last 57 days - a rate of nearly 60%. This is the Great Plains, not the Pacific Northwest.

It’s no wonder the city is more than 6 inches above normal - and even more than 3 inches above last year’s record-setting numbers.

Ask golfers or gardeners or landscapers what that has done to their spring. Or anyone in the area who has had drainage or sump pump problems. Or anyone who likes to spend their weekends at the lake.

Chances are you’ll get a healthy scowl in response.