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You don’t have to like social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, but it’s happening anyway, so you better get used to it, said aviation journalist, blogger and social media marketing instructor Rob Mark.

Mark was the keynote speaker at Tuesday’s Wichita Aero Club.

Social media is happening at an incredible pace. You can take part or get left behind, he said.

It’s a great way to communicate with customers. You can start small, but you must start, Mark said.

What makes social media so great in marketing of products is that, unlike other outlets, it’s measurable, Mark said.

Automaker Ford has a director of social media. In a unique marketing campaign, the company gave new Ford Fiestas to 100 social media experts and are letting them review the car however they’d like.

Is there a chance Ford could “get killed,” by it? Mark said. “You bet your sweet bippy.”

It also can present big rewards.

Companies can get left behind if they don’t embrace social media, he said.

“The real crisis is when you find out one of your competitors has jumped ahead of you in the social media world,” Mark said.