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MVC Tournament practices

  • Reaction, so far, to the new format is mixed. Coaches and players like knowing who they play and when they play. They like the three-game guarantee. However, the coaches seem convinced no six-team format works. They want eight, just as they always have. The administrators have nixed that because of money, a stance that seems unlikely to change.
  • The negative to this format is the possibility of meaningless games. Cross-pods will be treated differently by some teams because they won’t affect the tie-breaking system. For example, Illinois State is throwing its No. 4 starter against Missouri State on Wednesday and saving its top three for Thursday, Friday and (if needed) Saturday. Coach Jim Brownlee’s reasoning is that his team needs to win the tournament. Beating Missouri State (which is in the other pod) doesn’t do him much good if he loses to pod-mates Wichita State and Indiana State. That means Indiana State will see WSU No. 1 Tim Kelley on Wednesday and Illinois State No. 1 Ryan Camp on Thursday.
  • WSU second baseman Will Baez said his left ankle feels much better. He rolled it during Monday’s practice. We will see how he looks during practice later.
  • Creighton outfielder Robbie Knight, hit in the head with a pitch during Saturday’s second game at WSU, is practicing today.
  • Off topic, but pretty entertaining.
  • This should sound familiar to WSU fans. So does this. Mike Anderson’s last quote will be repeated by every high-level college coach in the coming months.