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Escaping The Office

Every few weeks or so I tell myself I gotta get out of the office and shoot some pictures. Being inside a building all day can’t be that healthy for a photographer, which I still consider myself by the way, even though my title is photography editor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job as photo editor here at The Eagle. But every once in a while I get the urge the escape the desk and the meetings and get back out to see the real world. This urge is usually replaced by the realization of attending several meetings a day, dealing with planning upcoming stories, answering phones, talking to my staff, talking to my boss, and well, generally doing my job as photo editor (oh yeah, there’s actually some photo editing thrown in there from time to time).

But last week I actually got out and about and shot some photos for a change of pace and I was quickly reminded why it’s so much fun being a photographer.

One of my escapes pretty much happened right in front of me on my way to work last week. A young woman driving a mini-van was forced into the median by another driver on east Kellogg. She flipped her vehicle and many drivers following behind, including myself, pulled over to see if they could be of assistance. Once I saw that she had plenty of help from fellow drivers I popped the trunk, grabbed my cameras and put on my news photographer game face. Once I felt I had the photos I needed I talked to a couple of witnesses and got their accounts of what they saw. Luckily the driver of the van was not seriously injured so I headed back to the office to get my photos online asap.

The rush of getting spot news photos is always, well, a rush, and it was good feeling to experience for a change. And seeing your photos within a few minutes online and the next day in the paper is another reminder of why you chose this profession. After 30 years in the business I still love seeing my photos published and hope that doesn’t change.

As for getting out of the office to shoot more photos, it’s still a goal of mine. I just have to free myself of the daily obligations waiting for me in the office. Those obligations will still be there waiting, but sometimes the photos just can’t wait, and that’s when I’ll make my break…back into the real world.