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Will the west-side Krispy Kreme close?

doughnutsSomething is up at the west-side Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Central and Tyler, but no one with the company is talking about it.

There’s a property listing circulating in the Wichita real estate community that’s marketing the building’s lease. The listing says: “Former Krispy Kreme for lease.”

But the business is still open.

Lane 4 Property Group in Kansas City, Mo., is distributing the listing, which says: “Confidential offering — please do not disturb ongoing business.”

A Krispy Kreme spokesman didn’t return several calls for comment. Nor did the broker listed on the offering.

The manager of the Krispy Kreme initially said he didn’t know anything about a change at the business. He then called back to say a Krispy Kreme representative would be calling, but that hasn’t happened.

The restaurant opened in 2003 to much excitement (”There is a God,” one patron was quoted as saying) from west-siders who were tired of traveling to the Krispy Kreme at Central and Rock.

It doesn’t look like the east-side Krispy Kreme will be affected.