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Advance Catastrophe Technologies plans move

actAdvance Catastrophe Technologies is expanding this summer and moving into 25,000 square feet in the south half of a building next to the Golf Warehouse on East 34th Street North.

“Our company just has grown so much, and we are expanding our nationwide clientele,” said president and chief executive Joe Rothwell.

The move “also affords us the opportunity to grow locally as well, which is exciting,” he said.

ACT is a nationwide disaster response company headquartered in Wichita. It has 10,000 properties that it’s responsible for providing disaster response to, and it has a network of 175 restoration companies that work on its behalf.

The company is currently in 10,000 square feet at 1620 S. Broadmoor.

Rothwell says the additional space will allow the company to grow the fire response side of its business in Wichita.

“We’ll just have a lot more warehouse base to store contents” after fires, he says.

Rothwell hopes ACT will be in its new space by early August.