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Eaton Steakhouse has shake-up amid financial woes

eaton1To read the Tweets that Eaton Steakhouse posted on Twitter Monday morning (such as wishing everyone a happy day and thanking diners for making Mother’s Day a success), it would seem everything was business as usual.

But it’s far from it. Several staff members — including the chef and general manager — left following Mother’s Day, and other past employees are sharing stories of the restaurant’s financial woes.

“No one has walked out on us as of yet,” owner Steve Compton said on Monday. “We’re in negotiations with . . . some of our cooking staff. As far as I know, we’re still solid.”

Today, Compton confirms those employees are gone, but he won’t discuss it.

“I can't say anything right now,” he says. “I haven’t had a chance to regroup yet.”