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David vs. Goliath

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will face off next week during the eighth season of American Idol. Early on, Adam Lambert showed his fierce vocal strength and originality resulting in legions of fans; no one is surprised that he is the giant daring someone to slay him. Kris Allen started in the middle of the pack but he steadily gave creative and solid performances earning a place in the finals and winning one of the biggest underdog victories in American Idol history.

Ryan announced at the beginning of the show that 88 million votes were cast and only 1 million separated Adam and Kris! I still believe that Adam is the favorite to win but is a bit polarizing. Those he hasn't won over will probably support Kris. If Kris comes out and gives amazing performances next week he just might be able to pull off an upset.

Danny gave a good fight and in his own words his Idol experience has been "tragedy to triumph." Ten months ago Danny had just lost his wife and today he is the Top 3 Idol this season. I've been a fan of Danny since the beginning and I am looking forward to what I'll see from him in the future.

My Idol, Jordan Sparks, introduced her new single "Battlefield," from her newest album. Since we are now Sony label mates, I thought this was a perfect place for a shameless promo plug – be on the watch out for my new single, "You're Not Shaken" on Christian Radio within the next couple of weeks. It is from my new record, "Into the Light" due out August 25.

Were you all surprised that Kris made it in? Will Kris find a kink in Adam’s armor or will Adam prevail?