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Preferred Health chooses Greteman Group as agency of record

john-david-burkholder-smPreferred Health Systems has selected branding agency Greteman Group as its agency of record. That ends the insurance company’s 13-year relationship with Associated.

“We feel that Greteman Group is in a fantastic position . . . to help us get where we want to go,” says John David Burkholder, Preferred Health’s manager of content and strategic positioning.

“We’re just kind of all about wellness,” says Sonia Greteman, agency president and creative director. “We think we’re in sync with Preferred Health on that.”

Greteman says the agency has a comprehensive wellness program for its employees and has on-site yoga, lunchtime fitness sessions, smoking-cessation plans and healthy food at all agency events.

Burkholder says Preferred Health likes the agency’s enthusiasm and focus on wellness.