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Frankly speaking: Restaurant may need name change

hotdogOn Tuesday, only their second day of business, the owners of the new Let’s Be Frank learned they may have to change the name of their hot dog restaurant.

“We got an e-mail yesterday,” co-owner Kody Allen says of a hot dog seller in California who’s operating under the same name. Allen says that man’s business seems to be “a hot dog cart with walls.”

Allen and business partner Brad Standing have a restaurant with 20 seats (and more to come) at the southeast corner of Douglas and Grove.

They have 125 hot dog styles — from the basics to a $40 caviar dog — and offer 38 varieties daily.

So Allen thinks that unless lawyers get involved, he’ll probably keep Let’s Be Frank.

Just in case, though, he says, “We’ve been sending out Twitter and MySpace bulletins asking for suggestions” for a new name.

“I think it would be really cool to have a patron suggest it.”