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Wichita Sessions, the company and the show, to debut

guitarDigitalBrand Communications owner Eric Zoller and producer and director Lonny Quattlebaum have formed a new company, Wichita Sessions, to produce a local music series called “Wichita Sessions” on KPTS, Channel 8, and KMUW, 89.1-FM.

“At this point, we’re just looking to . . . kind of break even and support the production of the show,” Zoller says. “This is more for the love of doing music production.”

However, he says, “We are going to set it up as a for-profit company.”

The shows, which will showcase a variety of Wichita musicians and styles, will begin airing this fall. The first two of four in the first season have already been completed. A 12-show second season will immediately follow.