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New retail center to open by Lowe's at Maple and Ridge


Developer Leisa Lowry, who is also a commercial broker for J.P. Weigand & Sons, is close to building on the southeast corner of University and Ridge across from Lowe’s.

“I have been pursuing this for a while because it’s a great intersection with very high traffic,” Lowry says.

In addition to access to Kellogg and traffic on Maple and Ridge, nearby Taft is extremely busy as well thanks to the strip of shopping by Sam’s Club and other businesses in Westgate Market.

“A lot of the residential people on the west side take that to go to those retailers,” Lowry says.

She initially plans a 12,000-square-foot center for retail and restaurant space. But she says she’s open to doing pad sites instead if that’s what someone would prefer.

“I just started marketing it and have seen a lot of interest,” Lowry says. “I will start building in the next few months.”