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Roster Finalized

Before I go into the Wingnuts, I’ve got a couple things to talk about.

First, I want to wish a belated Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers in my life. There’s my mom, who is the matriarch of the family. Actually, she isn’t. I just wanted to use the word ‘matriarch’. It sounds important. I really don’t think my family has a matriarch. But she is the mother to perhaps the two best people in the world, my sister and me.

Then there’s my sister, Sarah. This was her first Mother’s Day as a mother, as she had twin boys on Dec. 2 of last year — Connor and Evan, probably the two cutest babies in the world. And future readers of this blog, I’m sure. She’ll actually be in Wichita later this week, along with my brother-in-law and ‘Tha Boyz’. So they’ll get to see their semi-roots for the first time, which is good. The twins share a birthday with Britney Spears, which is not so good.

Also, I wanted to plug another Wichita Eagle blog. One I click on religiously every Monday — Grammar Monkeys. I love that blog, which is actually an audio blog. I wish each edition lasted longer and that it was produced more than once a week. I don’t really know Jill Erickson, who does the audio, but her voice is very soothing. If it were about half an hour long, I’d fall asleep to it. And that’s a high compliment.

OK, now that those things are taken care of, it’s on to baseball. The Wingnuts didn’t technically need to trim their roster to 22 until Wednesday, I believe. But it’s already down to the league-mandated 22 after they cut seven from their 28-man spring training roster and added Pat Brooks. He’s not to be confused with Phil Brooks, who is better known as CM Punk of WWE fame. Also my Facebook friend.

None of the cuts were too surprising, though I thought former Italian League player Louie Curcio — say it with an Italian accent, it’s fun. Looooiee Cuurchhhhioo — if you needed help with pronunciation. Anyway, I thought he might make the team because he plays just about every position and, with a two-man bench, that’s pretty valuable. Plus, there’s a guy who knows Curcio and sends me e-mails about things going on with the team. He’s basically my Deep Throat. I hope these e-mails don’t end with Curcio off the squad.

Instead, Wichita opted to sign Brooks, who played in the Frontier League last season, appearing in eight games. Brooks has only 44 professional games under his belt, but Wingnuts brass must have seen something in him that they like — at least enough to make him their utility guy.

I’m in a nice mood today, so I won’t name all the guys who were cut. Instead, I’ll give you the 22 guys who did make the roster:

Catchers (2) — Joe Muich, Zach Goldberg

Infielders (6) — Kelly Hunt, Josh Horn, Brenan Herrera, Michael Thompson, Stephen Pearson, Pat Brooks

Outfielders (3) — Greg Porter, Nick Blasi, Dustan Mohr

Pitchers (11) – Derek Blacksher, Richard Salazar, Will Savage, Brad Davis, Gabe Medina, Doug Hurn, Ronnie Morales, Nathan Parker, Justin Young, Tyler Rhoden, Amad Stephens.