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So they said

"The only way we do well is finding that compelling candidate. Or if there are two Republican parties beating each other up." — Johnson County Democratic consultant Jim Bergfalk, on the party's 2010 prospects for governor and U.S. Senate

"Just to think that I was elected six times by you. Probably not all of you. I'll talk to you later." — Former Sen. Bob Dole, speaking at KU

"I had to do it twice, so now we make everybody do it twice." — President Obama, joking as Cabinet members Kathleen Sebelius and Gary Locke had a second, more formal swearing-in ceremony

"Kathleen Sebelius was someone who actually made very few political mistakes, and that was one." — Washburn University political scientist Bob Beatty, on the event held at Cedar Crest and resulting photos of Sebelius with abortion doctor George Tiller