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Muse-E-Yum! owner gets WISE

museWichita may get WISE again.

In the ’80s, Wichita had a community development group by that name.

Now, Muse-E-Yum! owner Jan Green is thinking of forming a group called Women’s Initiative for Successful Enterprise.

Green, whose shop is at 130 N. Rock Road, isn’t content to sit at her store hoping more business comes through the door.

Instead, she’s inviting other female small business owners to meet with her Tuesday at 8 a.m. at Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe to discuss ways to promote, strengthen and grow their businesses.

Green has a particular idea that she’d like to share with the group for jointly promoting their businesses, but she says, “I also want it to be a forum to do some brainstorming and some trading of ideas.”

While she’s not exactly trying to exclude men, Green says, “I just think that women have a way of working together.”

If you’re interested in attending, call Green at (316) 269-5600 by noon on Monday.