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Photographer steps in front of the camera

darrin2Darrin Hackney is accustomed to working behind the camera, but he’s sort of accidentally appeared on the other side lately thanks to some silly antics.

Hackney and his business partner, Brian Robinson, have JDB (Just Darrin & Brian) Photography. Last fall, a client — marketing firm Nye & Associates — requested some random head shots for an idea it had for one of its clients, XLT Ovens.

“We just wanted to show the idea to the client,” says Nye general manager Ruth Johnson. The plan was to later shoot models for real. Johnson had an idea for some animated expressions showing pizza parlor owners looking amazed over XLT’s ovens.

The naturally animated Robinson has a theater background, so the plan was for Hackney to shoot pictures of him.

But while they were at it, Hackney says, “Brian goes, ‘Hey, why don’t we update our head shots for our Web site?’ “

“I was just dorking around like I usually do and started doing the facial expressions, too,” Hackney says.

The clients saw the proof sheet and loved it.