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Former Mel Hambelton body shop sells

Real estate developers George David and Bud Palmer, who have David and Palmer Properties, have purchased the former Mel Hambelton Ford body shop at 37th and Topeka.

They plan to renovate the 9,000-square-foot building and lease it.

“We’re going to dress it up real nice,” David says. “That area up there has really been updated.”

David and Palmer own several buildings near there.

At the new building, they plan to add brick to part of the facade and give the rest of it a paint job.

“They painted it Ford blue, which is hideous,” David says, laughing.

Palmer, who also has Bud Palmer Auction, plans to auction the contents of the building. That includes three paint booths and a number of other things Mel Hambelton Ford sold as part of the deal.

David expects renovations to take about 30 days. Once the deal closes, which will also probably be at least a month, look for details on the auction in Palmer’s weekly Sunday auction listing in The Eagle.