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VK Open discussion (5-7)

by joanna

(I’m a tennis fiend today — I’ve got a Getting to Know feature on the very interesting Maize senior Todd Luttgeharm and another tennis feature on Saif Khan, a Heights sophomore. Tennis regionals are today. Also check out the Northwest-Carroll baseball story, the soccer notes, the baseball notes.)

I saw that Yanni is coming to the Hartman Arena. Now that’s not exactly a concert I’d pay to see, but what concert would you pay big bucks to go to? I have several co-workers who are huge Eagles fans and travel to check out their concerts. I have a friend who’s a huge Kenny Chesney fan and just went to see him over the weekend. Me, I’m not really a concert-goer. I last went to a concert in 1995 when I saw Hootie and the Blowfish at Sandstone. So what about you? Who do you/would you follow?