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Kansas House passes e-mail voting provision for soldiers

A bill that would allow soldiers and other federal employees overseas to vote in Kansas by e-mail won approval in the state House this morning.

But SB 171 could get derailed by another provision that tightens the process for people who have relatives or others deliver their absentee ballots for them.

People serving the government overseas can fax their ballot now. The e-mail provision has wide support because many people, especially soldiers, have better access to e-mail than to fax machines.

The provision on hand-delivered absentee ballots would require both the voter and the person who turns in the ballot to sign affidavits on the absentee ballot envelope. Opponents said that would add confusion and lead to errors and more ballots that could not be counted.

The bill passed 68-53 mostly along party lines, with Republicans in favor. That margin would not be enough to over-ride an expected veto.