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KCTU to convert to digital

KCTU, Channel 5, is making the transition to digital late this month and adding several new channels. But none of them will be in high definition.

News and creative director R.J. Dickens says that’s because HD allows for only two channels within a frequency while digital can easily accommodate at least four, which is what KCTU plans.

“From a business standpoint, do you really give up two revenue streams so some no-life loser techno geek can count all the pores in your face?” Dickens says.

After the conversion, KCTU will be on Channel 43.

Channel 43.1 will have the station’s traditional format, which includes local programming. It will also have some new nationally syndicated programming.

Channel 43.2 will be sports related, with a lot of games from area high schools and colleges.

Channel 43.3 will be movies and international programming. Dickens says he’s talking with two or three potential providers.

And there are several options for Channel 43.4, which Dickens isn’t ready to talk about yet.

The conversion should happen by Memorial Day weekend.